#S03 Baltic Sea Youth Forum (BSYF)

Priority Area Education - Developing innovative education and youth

The goal of the BSYF is to unite different youth representing organizations and structures in order to bundle their opinions and concerns and eventually strengthen their influence. The BSYF would address representatives of different youth structures within the Baltic Sea region, from the regional as well as the national level. This means national and regional youth councils, student councils and political youth organisations. Furthermore the BSYF would include the youth representatives of multilateral Baltic Sea structures like the BSSSC, the Union of the Baltic Cities (UBC), B7 or the Four Corners Youth Parliament.

The workshops and the issues discussed at the BSYF should be oriented towards topics that are currently discussed in the EUSBSR, the CBSS and the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC) in order to ensure the relevance and that the resolutions of the forum can have impact on the political discussions.


Seed money project partnership

  • Baltic Sea Secretariat for Youth Affairs at the Regional Youth Council Schleswig-Holstein (DE)
  • Federal Agency on Youth Affairs of Russia (RU)
  • Uusimaa Regional Council (FI)


Seed money project’s total budget: 45,110.00 EUR



Mr Lars Kascha, tel.: +49 431 800 9847, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.