How to implement

After approval
If the project is approved by the Seed Money Committee, the Lead Partner will be informed by the Seed Money Facility Secretariat (by e-mail). The approved projects will also be published on the website. After the approval, the Lead Partner Grant Agreement will be concluded between the Lead Partner and Investitionsbank Schleswig-Holstein as the Implementing Body of the Facility. The Lead Partner Grant Agreement confirms the final commitment of the EU grants to each project and forms a legal and financial framework for the implementation of project activities.

Before a Lead partner Grant Agreement can be concluded, the Lead partner may be asked to clarify any outstanding aspects of the approved proposal e.g. based on comments from the decision-making body (Seed Money Committee). At this stage the Lead partner will be also asked to submit the paper versions of the original partner declarations and the signed application form. Please refer to the Facility Manual for further details on the contracting procedures.

This so-called “contracting phase” precedes the actual implementation phase of the project. Once the Lead Partner Grant Agreement is concluded, the Lead Partner will receive a pre-financing payment (request for Pre-financing payment; amounting to 50% of the approved EU funds). The final payment of the outstanding funds will be made after approval of the final report and the final project outputs.

Projects have to send one report after the closure of the project. The report will cover activities, achievements and spending during the contracting and implementation phase. The deadline for submitting the report is the last day of the closure phase, i.e. one month after the end of the implementation phase.

The Seed Money Facility Secretariat checks the reported outputs as well as expenditure carried out. The outputs are checked against the information provided in the approved application form, and the quality of the outputs as well as the eligibility of the expenditures is assessed. The reporting form will be available here in summer 2013.

With the report projects will be asked to submit the filled in:

For guidance, please consult the Seed Money Facility manual. Make sure you have the latest version.

Publicity and visibility requirements
Project partners have to inform about the funding source. It is not necessary to develop corporate design, new logos or extra websites. Please use the a) Seed Money Facility logo together with b) the EU logo and c) the text reference: “Part-financed by the European Union” on all project outputs. The logos can be downloaded here.