#S95 Internet of Business (IoB)

Policy Area Innovation – Exploiting the full potential of the region in research, innovation and SME, utilising the Digital Single Market as a source for attracting talents and investments

The IoB main project idea aims to develop a user-friendly, trusted and integrated digital platform enabling real-time transactions in digital format for SMEs, which would decrease the costs and time spent on transactions (orders, order confirmations, invoices, payments flow from system to system etc.). The project will provide SMEs a real-time understanding of the status of their business and helping them to simplify business reporting and automate book-keeping. IoB will speed up the business transactions, significantly raise the quality of reporting and support transparent business. In this way, the project contributes to the implementation of the Digital Single Market in the Baltic Sea region.

Seed money project partnership:

Estonian Association of Information Technology and Telecommunications (EE)
The Federation of Finnish Technology Industries (FI)
The Latvian Information and Communications Technology Association (LV)


Anneli Heinsoo, tel: + 372 56233333, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.