#S92 Baltic SEA inteGrated unmanned aerial vehicLE multifunctional monitoring system for resurveying of shipping routes (SEAGLE)

Policy Area Safe – To become a leading region in maritime safety and security

The resurveying of sea charts is a time consuming activity whereas shipping but also natural conditions such as the ice coverage of routes are changing. The main project idea proposes the integration of multifunctional solutions for navigation fairways resurveying. The integrated solution includes the use of data from high quality satellite, Remotely Piloted Aerial System (RPAS) as well as Unmanned Maritime System (UMS) at the same time. This will improve maritime surveillance and remote sensing through the development of an innovative integrated monitoring. The proposed SEAGLE system will speed up information availability to users through on-board real-time processing and higher data rates, and covert transmission through the big data approach.

Seed money project partnership:

Riga Technical University, Institute of Aeronautics (LV)
LUOPEN Lund University (SE)
Klaipeda University (LT)
Marine Systems Institute at Tallinn University of Technology (EE)
Maritime Administration of Latvia (LV)


Alexander Gamaleyev, tel: + 371 29232885, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.