#S89 Identification of hazardous chemicals in the IED BREFs (HAZBREF)

Policy Area Hazards – Reducing the use and impact of hazardous substances

The latest HELCOM integrated assessment of hazardous substances states that Baltic Sea acts as ultimate sink for hazardous substances released from industries through discharges to waters, emissions to air and wastes. The HAZBREF main project idea is aiming to respond to this problem via decreasing the use and emissions of hazardous chemicals from industrial sectors. The expected findings of the HAZBREF project include the identification of the relevance of specific hazardous substances and needed measures in the different industrial sectors. This would result in enhanced supervision by local authorities on hazardous chemicals used in industries, and improved consideration of chemical use and release of hazardous substances at the industrial installations.

Seed money project partnership:

Finnish Environment Institute (FI)
Institute for Ecology of Industrial Areas (PL)
Federal Environment Agency (DE)
Swedish Environmental Protection Agency (SE)


Kaj Forsius, tel: +358 295251119, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.