#S87 Use of liquefied biomethane from waste (LBM) as gasoline substitute including side product utilization for Biopolymer production (USE-LBM-BioPro)

Policy Area Energy – BEMIP Action Plan (for competitive, secure and sustainable energy)

The main project idea is to address the use of Liquid Bio-Methane (LBM) in combustion engines for transportation purposes. Therefore the whole production circle as well as the related car technology is in the focus of the project. Next to the production of LBM, the improvement of storage and handling capacities of LBM and the adaptation of car technology for the use of LBM is addressed as well as the infrastructure and filling technology. The project aims to contribute to the enhancement of the circular economy as it is planned to use the potential of bio waste to produce LBM.

Seed money project partnership:

Estonian Regional and Local Development Agency (EE)
Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences, Campus Braunschweig / Wolfenbuettel (Ostfalia) (DE)
Savonia University of Applied Sciences Ltd (FI)


Reljo Saarepera, tel: + 3726943431, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.