#S82 Hanseatic Initiative to develop new Packages and Product Offers for tourism growth (HIPPO)

Policy Area Tourism – Reinforcing cohesiveness of the macro-region through tourism

The main project idea aims at a common branding of Hanseatic cities in the Baltic Sea region by developing joint tourism products, a common platform through a website (including an internal section) and standardized quality criteria. To guarantee the latter the project plans to develop training measures and tools for marketing and tourism actors of Hanseatic cities. The tourism products that will be developed will use innovative approaches such as the methodology of storytelling.

Seed money project partnership:

Businessdevelopment corporation Luebeck ltd. (DE)
Luebeck Travemuende Marketing Ltd. (DE)
Inspiration Gotland (SE)
Kaunas city municipality (LT)


Dario Arndt, tel: +49 451 70 655 17, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.