#S79 Sustainable Urban Mobility and Commuting in Baltic Cities (SUMBA)

Horizontal Action Climate

The main project proposal focuses on the development of mobility concepts for more sustainable and intermodal commuting in cities involving also their suburbs. Challenges identified are missing cross-city communicating and planning, the lack of practical examples that take into account commuters and changed mobility patterns, and lack of financing of mobility services across city-borders. The project aims at involving various stakeholders such as cities and suburbs, transport operators, mobility providers or lobby groups in a participatory planning approach. Expected outcomes are new city mobility concepts, guidelines for different stakeholders for planning and implementation and pilots testing different solutions.

Seed money project partnership:

Baltic Environmental Forum Germany  (DE)
German Aerospace Center, Institute of Transport Research (DE)
Baltic Environmental Forum Estonia (EE)
Baltic Environmental Forum Latvia (LV)
Swedish Society for Nature Conservation (SE)


Matthias Grätz, tel: +49 40 53307076, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.