#S78 NGOs and authorities in Finland, Estonia and Russia enhancing cooperation in environmental education in the Gulf of Finland and creating a model for cooperation in other regions around the Baltic Sea (GoF EnvEd)

Horizontal Action Neighbours – Creating added value to the Baltic Sea cooperation by working with neighbouring countries and regions

The goal of this project is to intensify cooperation between environmental education actors in the Baltic Sea region to raise public awareness of the importance of an healthy Baltic Sea. A special emphasis is given to the inclusion of Russia in this process. This project brings environmental education stakeholders from the EU member states and the North Western territories of the Russian Federation together to solve common regional problems.

Seed money project partnership:

Finland-Russia Society (FI)
Finnish Environment Institute, SYKE (FI)
Friends of the Baltic (RU)
City of Tallinn, Environmental Department (EE)


Päivi Kärnä, tel: +358 03530268, email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.