#S57 Rural Medicine Goes to Town!

Priority Area Health - Improving and promoting people’s health, including its social aspects

The project was designed as a response to the challenged, caused by the demographic change, health systems are facing and will face in the near future. It builds on the belief that rural areas have a competitive advantage in providing hospital care for elderly population. The aim of the project is to ensure viability of rural hospital care. It strives for improved cooperation between primary care and emergency care and multi governance cooperation. It also aims to demonstrate more efficient and cost effective primary and emergency care methodologies, in order to address demographic challenges.


Seed money project partnership:

  • Västerbotten County Council, Rural Medicine Center in Storuman (SE)
  • Hospital of Southern Jutland (DK)
  • University of Skövde (SE)
  • National Centre of Rural Medicine (NO)



Mr Peter Berggren; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.