#S47 Interactive Water Management (BSR IWAMA)

HA Neighbours – To increase the co-operation with neighbouring countries to tackle joint challenges in the Baltic Sea region

The general aim of the main project is to help Waste Water Treatment Plants (WWTPs) in the Baltic Sea Region to reach the HELCOM recommendations concerning concentrations of outflowing nutrients, and to increase their energy efficiency. The project owners identified the following three main needs: structured lifelong learning, operating WWTPs more resource-efficiently, and improving and developing sludge management. For addressing these needs, the main project suggests three major actions: the Baltic Smart Water Hub (a lifelong learning concept for WWT stakeholders), the creation of an Energy Factory Concept (which would enable WWTPs to improve their energy efficiency and even make use of the sludge as an energy source), and the creation of a Smart Sludge Management Concept for improved sludge management.

Seed money project partnership

  • Union of the Baltic Cities, Commission on Environment c/o City of Turku (FI)
  • Lahti Region Development Company LADEC Ltd (FI)
  • Technical University of Berlin (DE)
  • University of Tartu (EE)

Seed money project’s total budget: 50,000.00 EUR

Mr Björn Grönholm; tel: +358 44 907 5987; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.