#S42 Routes to the Baltic Maritime Heritage - Increasing Visibility and Accessibility (VIABAL)

PA Tourism – Reinforcing cohesiveness of the macro-region through tourism

The main project aims to address the issue of fragmented use of the Baltic maritime heritage, i.e. the lack of a common vision and strategy on the use of maritime heritage around the Baltic Sea. It does so by promoting a pan-Baltic vision and strategy on heritage, which is expected to help branding the region as a whole as a tourist destination. The project plans to involve all levels of institutions (local, national, international/pan-Baltic) in the process.

The primary goal of the main project will be to increase the number of visitors from the Baltic Sea Region to rural coastal areas as well as to enhance the interaction between communities and people around the Baltic Sea. The secondary goals will be to increase business and job opportunities in the rural coastal areas and to increase the number of visitors from countries outside the Baltic Sea Region.

Seed money project partnership

  • Landsort Maritime and Environmental Center (SE)
  • Polish Maritime Museum in Gdansk (PL)
  • MTÜ Halulaev (EE)
  • Tourism Office Rostock & Warnermünde, Bureau Hanse Sail (DE)
  • Swedish Naval Museum in Karlskrona (SE)
  • Hanse Association - Association for Promoting of International League of Cities THE HANSE e.V. (DE)

Seed money project’s total budget: 49,628.00 EUR

Mr Roland Steen; tel: +46 708 22 92 48; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.