#S24 Plastic in the Baltic Sea (BLASTIC)

PA Hazards – Reducing the use and impact of hazardous substances

The BLASTIC main project’s overall objective is to develop and disseminate new knowledge on plastic debris in the Baltic Sea. The sub-objectives aim to fill in the knowledge gaps concerning marine litter and plastic in the Baltic Sea:   

  • knowledge on amounts, sources and routes of plastic litter entering the sea;
  • knowledge on how plastic in the marine environment is a potential source of hazardous substances and how the microscopic fraction of plastic debris can act as an absorbent of other organic pollutants;
  • identifying and engaging the most important actors in order to mitigate plastic routes into the sea.

Back-tracking and identifying land-based sources will give the project a basis for collaborating with stakeholders and communicating actions for waste minimisation, reduced use of harmful substances in plastic, new product design, better waste management (incl. recycling) and campaigns for changed consumer behaviour and littering.

Seed money project partnership

  • Keep Sweden Tidy (SE)
  • IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute (SE)
  • Keep the Archipelago Tidy (FI)
  • SYKE Finnish Environmental Institute (FI)
  • SEIT Stockholm Environment Institute Tallinn Centre (EE)

Seed money project’s total budget: 49,870.00 EUR

Ms Jessica Ångström; tel: +46 70 313 6376; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.