#S22 Smart Bioenergy Concepts in the Baltic Sea Region (Smart BioCon)

PA Energy – Improving the access to, and the efficiency and security of the energy markets

The biogas business is already being developed to some extend in the participating regions with 5-30 biogas plants and a few thermal gasification plants producing gas in each region at the moment. Many of these plants are facing market related bottlenecks and low energy utility. These are a few of the challenges that will be addressed by the Smart BioCon main project.
The project will evaluate possibilities for further processing or converting of bioenergy to be used in the transportation sector as gas or liquid fuel products. Furthermore, as the development of the biogas industry often takes place in an uncoordinated manner, a holistic biogas scenario could be used to improve infrastructure formation, resource utilisation and logistics. Since the biomass resources are limited, increasing the energy content by innovative technologies can contribute to increasing the significance of the industry.


Seed Money Partnership

  • Aalborg University (DK)
  • Blue Planet Innovation (DK)
  • The Rural Economy and Agricultural Society of Skaraborg (SE)
  • POMInnO Ltd. (PL)
  • Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre (LV)


Seed money project’s total budget: 49,945.00 EUR


Mr Morten Karnøe Søndergaard; tel: +45 9940 3090; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.