#S17 Development and testing of bycatch minimizing fishing gear technologies (Baltic Smart Gear)

PA Bio – Preserving natural zones and biodiversity, including fisheries

The main project aims to close the gap between the importance of protecting marine habitats from harmful uses and the interest of having a productive fisheries sector in the Baltic Sea. Within this project a new alternative fishing gear will be developed in order to reduce the high bycatch of endangered mammals (e.g. harbour porpoises) and protected sea birds in conventional gill nets. A collaboration between fisheries research institutes, gear technologists, active fishermen and nature conservation NGOs will ensure synergies, and testing will be conducted in a joint approach in the biogeographical subregion uniting German, Danish and Polish parts of the Baltic Sea. This project increases the sustainability of economically important fisheries and at the same time works towards the protection and improved management of the most endangered marine species of the Baltic Sea.


Seed money project partnership

  • WWF Germany (DE)
  • WWF Poland (PL)
  • WWF Denmark (DK)

Seed money project’s total budget: 49,869.00 EUR


Mr Jochen Lamp, tel: +49 383 129 70 18; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.