#S39 Service packages for the maritime industry leading to cleaner shipping in the EU (SMILE)

PA Ship – Becoming a model region for clean shipping

The main project aims to develop practical solutions for the shipping industry, so-called service packages focusing on cleaner and more efficient shipping, to be provided especially by small- and medium sized enterprises. The service packages will contribute to reducing ship emissions and optimising the operation of vessels. Consequently they will facilitate blue growth in the Baltic Sea Region.

The main project is anticipated to consist of four focus areas based on dialogue between suppliers and users, public authorities and players in the entire value chain:

  1. Partnership building to ensure cross-border cooperation between clusters, suppliers and harbours, and actions to make the service packages available when entering/crossing the Baltic Sea;
  2. Development of service packages focusing on environmental friendly operation at sea; offering various technical solutions to reduce emission and meet the SECA and NECA regulations; cleaner ballast water or flue gas;
  3. Training of competences and transfer of knowledge regarding environmental regulations and use of new or existing technology;
  4. Identification of needs for R&D and new technological solutions, tests and demonstration activities.


Seed money project partnership

  • Developing Fyn (DK)
  • Estonian Maritime Academy (EE)
  • WFB Bremen Economic Development Co. (DE)


Seed money project’s total budget: 49,998.00 EUR

Mr Troels Johan Ankerstjerne; tel: +45 5148 1317; email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.