Answers to frequently asked questions


Aims and set-up of the seed money projects

What is the role of Policy Area Coordinators/ Horizontal Action Coordinators?
The role of Policy Area Coordinators/ Horizontal Action Coordinators is to ensure the strategic assessment of project ideas (i.e. selecting ideas and partnership with the most strategic value for the priority area or horizontal action). The support to the selected project applications is expressed in a form of support letter. We recommend establishing the dialogue and cooperation with responsible PAC/HAC as soon as possible to check the relevance of your project idea and obtain the letter of support. The letter of support has to be submitted together with the application form.   


How to reach Policy Area Coordinators/ Horizontal Action Coordinators?
The PACs’ and HACs’ contact information is available here (1st excel table, please select PAC HAC worksheet).


Can the EUSBSR Seed Money Facility support the preparation of flagship projects already defined in the EUSBSR Action Plan?
Yes. However, the Seed Money Facility support is not foreseen for continuation of already on-going activities. The Seed Money Facility has to bring value added to already on-going initiatives and existing partnerships in the Baltic Sea region.   



Is Iceland part of eligible area?
Due to the objectives of the facility, the main operational area of the Facility is the EU Member States located around the Baltic Sea (Sweden, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania and Poland), as well as Norway, Belarus and North-West Russia, which form the Baltic Sea drainage area. However, the Facility is not limited to these countries only. Partner institutions from other countries, including Iceland, can participate, if this benefits the partnership and helps to achieve project objectives.  


Are private partners eligible?
Private partners are not eligible. Only public institutions and bodies governed by public law or bodies established under public or private law for the specific purpose of meeting needs in the general interest, which does not having an industrial or commercial character can receive the EU grant.


Are partnership agreements needed?
The Seed Money Facility does not require a partnership agreement. However, in order to ensure high quality and fulfilment of project objectives it is recommended to conclude an agreement between the lead partner and project partners (see also section 6.2. of the Facility Manual).


If no Partnership Agreement is signed, how do the partners report their activities and costs to the LP?
The reporting procedure of partners has to be agreed with the lead partner. It is recommendable to do it in a form of Partnership Agreement (see also section 6.2. of the Facility Manual). However, it is only a recommendation; partners may also agree on different formats.



Is there a submission date?
The Seed Money Facility will not have any calls in the future. If you are interrested in EUSBSR seed money funding, please check the website of Interreg Baltic Sea Region. In the future EUSBSR seed money will co-finance projects within the framework of this programme.


If projects want to apply to the BSR 2014-2020 programme funding, do they need to prepare their project application with the support of the Seed Money Facility?
Not necessarily. The Seed Money Facility is not limited to the BSR 2014-2020 programme funding only.  Project partners should consider all financial possibilities (e.g. any of the EU or national funding sources).  



Is there an upper limit/percentage regarding budget line 4 “External services”?
There are no fixed limits neither for the budget line 4 nor other budget lines defined. However, in order to ensure the durability and clear ownership of the seed money project results the project management cannot be externalised. The involvement of external experts has to remain balanced and has to be clearly linked to the delivery of specific project outputs.


When I host an event, how do I get catering costs back from partners?
Catering costs for project partner staff are included in the subsistence allowances, which are lump sums depending on the destination and the duration of the travel. How these lump sums are used in detail within the project is matter of agreement among the partners.


Why real hourly rates are not applied? Is it possible to apply a real hourly rate instead of standard rates?
Only standard rates can be applied for staff costs in the Seed Money Facility. Application of standard rates for staff and also other costs significantly simplifies the reporting and administration of the seed money project, as costs do not have to be verified by the first level controllers or external auditors.


How to provide the projects co-financing?
Up to 85% of the reported expenditure will be covered by the EU funds from the Facility. Partners listed in the official seed money project partnership are expected to complement their grants with own contributions. The partner contribution can come from partner’s own organisation or other public funding sources. However, contributions must not come from other EU sources.


Does the seed money project report have to be verified by the first level control/independent audit?
No. As the reporting is mainly based on simplified cost options or Facility specific rules, the reports does not need to be certified by any external auditors or first level controllers. The report and all required supporting documents (listed in the Facility Manual) will be submitted to and checked by the Seed Money Facility Secretariat.