38 projects approved to implement the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region

Almost 180 partners from all around the Baltic Sea will contribute to developing project ideas within 38 seed money projects approved on 22 January. The seed money projects will start within the upcoming two months and have the goal to compile concepts for full-scale international projects within one year. This will be right in time for the launch of a number of funding instruments set-up for the period 2014-2020.
Altogether, the Seed Money Facility now provides funding to 52 projects covering almost all Priority Areas (PA) and Horizontal Actions (HA) within the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region. Out of 2.9 million euro available within the Seed Money Facility, 2.2 million euros have now been allocated to projects. The decision as to whether there will be an additional open call for further Seed Money projects will be taken in mid-February.