Seed money granted to 14 first projects

The first 14 seed money projects were approved on 21 June 2013. The approved project proposals cover ten priority areas of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (Innovation, Energy, Health, Education, SME, Tourism, Bio, Agri, Culture, and Transport) and two horizontal actions (Neighbours, and Sustainable Development/Bio-economy).

The next decision round is planned for October/November 2013. The deadline for project submission to the Seed Money Secretariat is 30 September, 2013. Applicants are recommended to contact the responsible Priority Area Coordinators/Horizontal Action Leaders as soon as possible, and submit their project applications to the PACs/HALs no later than 16 September, 2013. The Priority Area Coordinators/Horizontal Action Leaders perform the strategic assessment of project ideas. Only projects that present the letter of support from PAC/HAL are eligible for funding.